The entries will be evaluated for eligibility by a Selection Committee based on the following criteria:


  1. CHRISTIAN FAITH – the film/video must be an expression of Biblical faith
  2. ARTISTIC ELEMENTS – this includes direction, screenplay, and skill of actors in portraying their character
  3. TECHNICAL PRESENTATION – it must reflect the filmmaker’s commitment to excellence (i.e., editing, lighting, sound, cinematography)
  4. MESSAGE IMPACT – it must effectively convey the message in a way that is relevant to its intended audience




Submit completed, signed entry form. This may be done online, or with the downloadable signed PDF entry form submitted by email/mail.


Submit entries to:


MS. RHON BAUTISTA (Head Librarian)

The Union Church of Manila Library

Corner Rada Legaspi Streets,Legaspi Village,

Makati City 1229


Tel Nos:  (632) 812-5709/812-6062

Fax No:   (632) 817-2386




  1. The deadline for submission of entries is onMarch 31, 2013at the Union Church of Manila, Makati City.
  2. No fees will be charged for the submission of film/video entries.
  3. List of films selected for the competition will be posted on this website byApril 30, 2013.




  1. The film/video entry must have started production credits fromJanuary 1, 2008onwards.
  2. It must be inVCDorDVDinNTSCformat only.
  3. Non-English films/videos must have English subtitles.
  4. Films/videos produced, financed or initiated by major film studios are ineligible for competition but may be considered for exhibition.
  5. Once the entries are evaluated as eligible for competition;
    • Submitted copies ofVCDorDVD  and promotional materials will be considered the property of the Union Church of Manila Library;
    • The filmmaker/producer gives permission for the Library to use it for ministry purposes; and
    • The filmmaker/producer grants GFCFF rights to use all or part of the film for ministry/promotional purposes:  to use stills, biographical material, names and likenesses from the film, to show the film at press screenings and to exhibit the film during the event and at any time before and after the event.
    • The participant will shoulder the mailing expenses and customs charges. For international submissions, clearly mark your package:  For Temporary Cultural Purposes Only – Without Commercial Value.
    • GFCFF reserves the rights to adjust dates and times of film screenings. GFCFF shall not be held responsible for delays or cancellations due to equipment failure, shipping delays, or the condition of the films delivered.
    • Participants submitting a film for entry into the GFCFF is assumed to hold all the necessary rights for the submission, and to have the legal authority to grant showing rights to GFCFF. Furthermore, they must have read, understood, and agreed with the GFCFF rules and guidelines.
    • GFCFF will not be held liable for any inadvertent errors or omissions of title and credits of the entry.
    • GFCFF reserves the right to reject any entry.




Please also submit the following:

    • promotional materials
    • CD with high-resolution production stills
    • tarpaulin poster (2 ft x 6 ft)
    • press or publicity kit
    • director’s biography of 100 words or less
    • director’s photo (300 dpi)
    • a minimum of 3 stills
    • written description and/or short video teaser (3 minutes)
    • additional interesting trivia on the film/video entry



We sincerely hope that you would seriously consider taking part in this event, or help us spread the information to others who may be interested to participate.


All for the glory of our Creator and the Master Artist!